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10 things you didn't know about the Beatles - An activist pacifist group

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10 things you didn't know about the Beatles - An activist pacifist group

Fonte Culture Trip

Do you think you know everything about the Beatles? Do you know what Hey Jude was originally called? And John Lennon's true ambition? How about the meaning of a tin bath? Check out 10 weird and wonderful facts about our favorite Liverpudlian band.

The Beatles used to live in a cinema

The Beatles did not always live in the lap of luxury; at first they lived in Hamburg between 1960 and 1962, but when they arrived they lived in a cinema. Lennon commented on his experience there: ‘We would sleep late and be woken up the next day by the sound of the movie program. We tried to get into the ladies first, which was the cleanest of cinema sinks, but fat German women passed us by. '

Ringo was not the drummer for the first time

Ringo Starr was the drummer for all the Beatles' songs, correct? Wrong - he didn't play the drums on the first hit, Love Me Do. In fact, player Andy White intervened while Starr was instructed to play a tambourine. Producer George Martin (may he rest in peace) thought Starr was entering the choruses, as was White.

The Beatles had other dreams

While the Beatles proved to be their success as musicians, they also had several other aspirations. In early 1963, in an edition of the NME, the boys were asked to list their ambitions. Lennon's dream has always been to 'write a musical'; he wanted to write about Jesus coming back as an ordinary person. McCartney fantasized about having his 'photo at Dandy' and Harrison always wanted to 'design a guitar'. Best of all, Starr's ambition was simply to 'be happy'.

Is Paul here?

Beatlemania was huge. The fans were throwing themselves at the boys and the hype was indescribable. However, in the early days of this craze, screaming fans would show up at Harrison's Liverpool home and he would receive them personally. However, despite the equal fame that fans left when they said, "No, Paul McCartney does not live here".

Ready for Rock & Roll

The song Yesterday apparently came to McCartney in a fully formed and ready to record dream. The Beatle was so surprised at how easily it got to him that he had to ask his friends, 'Is it me or did someone write it?' The song's catchy title, however, was originally called something completely different - Scrambled Eggs. Maybe it's good that they changed the title ...

A tin bath was used to make music

Yellow Submarine is one of the Beatles' most iconic songs and was helped by George Martin's engineers. To make the sounds of the recording look genuine and to "add some color" to the mix, engineers were instructed to find accessories for the music. A variety of props were used, including chains, whistles, horns, hand bells and even a tin bath.

The famous final chord

There are many famous moments in several Beatles songs, but the famous A Day in the Life final chord was actually played simultaneously by McCartney, Lennon, Martin and the band's road manager, Mal Evans. They recorded on three separate pianos and created the legendary final chord together.

Banned by BBC

Do you think I Am The Walrus is an R-rated song? Well, apparently, the BBC did what banned the hit, not for its anti-establishment tone, but for the word "panties" used in the lyrics of the songs.

Hey Jules

Whether you're a Beatles fan or not, we all know the song Hey Jude. Nah nah nah… What a success. But did you know that it was not originally written about someone named Jude? In fact, it was initially called Hey Jules and was aimed at Lennon's five-year-old son, Julian. "Hey Jules, don't hurt ..."

She literally came in through the bathroom window

Composers need to be inspired some, usually personal experiences, as McCartney did in the song She Came In Through the Bathroom Window. Intrigued? Well, this song, the medley section of Abbey Road, was inspired by something that happened to the famous Beatle. A fan used a ladder to climb Paul's bathroom window across the yard and started to steal a picture of his father, some clothes and some photo slides taken by Linda Eastman (later Linda McCartney.) Scary, right? Well, at least she got a Beatles song about her ...

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