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Educação / 23/06/2020

Discover the work of three education activists in Brazil who will be supported by Malala

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Discover the work of three education activists in Brazil who will be supported by Malala

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Those chosen are linked to non-governmental organizations Ação Educativa, Infanto-Juvenile Claim Movement and National Association for Indigenous Action

Pakistani Malala Yousafzai, who is an activist for the right to education, announced on Tuesday (10) three Brazilians who will join the Gulmakai Network, an initiative of the Malala Fund that supports activists in the field of education of girls and women in several countries . Awarded in 2014, Malala was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The chosen ones are linked to the non-governmental organizations Ação Educativa (Denise Carreira), Children and Youth Movement of Claim (Sylvia Siqueira Campos) and National Association of Indigenous Action (Ana Paula Ferreira de Lima).

- Malala is a symbol against intolerance, against fundamentalisms. This moment that our country is going through, when intolerance has grown a lot, with the action of ultraconservative groups in the country and especially in schools, this recognition is a political achievement. A mainly political achievement of having a person like Malala supporting an agenda that is being so attacked in Brazil, which is an agenda of gender equality in education - evaluated Denise Carreira, one of those contemplated by the Malala Fund.

Educational action

A human rights activist, she is the coordinator of the Ação Educativa organization - founded in 1994 - and of the Rights Valem Mais campaign, a national mobilization for the repeal of Constitutional Amendment 95/2016 (known as the public spending ceiling amendment). According to her, the amendment cut the resources of public education and other social policies, making the National Education Plan unfeasible and returning the country to the FAO Hunger Map.

With the support of the Malala Fund, Denise intends to expand her work on gender equality in education, especially against the persecution promoted by ultraconservative groups to teachers, students and educational managers who address gender equality issues in schools. - There is another line which is the strengthening of youth groups in schools that work for the rights of girls and women, groups that work with the anti-racist struggle and also in the defense of LGBT rights - he added.


Another contemplated activist is Sylvia Siqueira Campos, president of the Children and Youth Movement of Claim (Mirim), based in Recife (PE). The movement, created in 1990, aims to fight for the fundamental rights of children, adolescents and young people, fighting discrimination against race, gender, origin, living conditions, religious belief and political ideology.

- When we get involved in something for love and conscience, expecting nothing in return, life is very hard, but the fight is worth it, even for prizes of this type (support the Malala Fund), which will make the way easier and more hopeful. The support comes, above all, to develop a strategy that lasts three years, initially, so that we can influence public education policy in the state of Pernambuco - said Sylvia.

- We need to see education as, in fact, a common good that anyone, be it the son of a president of Infraero to the son of the street sweeper, can sit and study at the stand side by side. If we really want to promote quality public education, we have to look in that direction and not build a school that will be a reference, but in fact for very few people to have access - he added.

According to Sylvia, the focus of the project developed with the support of the Malala Fund will be on black, peripheral, quilombola and indigenous students.

- This project has training activities with girls, has activities to mobilize territories, bring community, family members, has a strategy of dialogue with the media and has advocacy actions (actions to influence the formulation of policies and the allocation of public resources ) in the Legislative and Executive branches to influence public education policy.


The third to receive support the Malala Fund is Ana Paula Ferreira de Lima, one of the coordinators of the National Association for Indigenous Action (Anaí), based in Salvador (BA). Created in 1979, the association aims to promote and respect cultural, political and economic autonomy and the right of indigenous peoples to self-determination.

She was already a teacher and works to increase the number of indigenous girls who finish their studies in the state of Bahia. The entity announced that Anaí received Malala Yousafzai on Tuesday (10). "The Malala Fund, the organization she represents, will support a project in partnership with Anaí. We will work with indigenous girls between 14 and 17 years old. The focus of the project is education, a symbol of Malala's struggle in the world", discloses or the association.

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